Installing MathType  for Quick Access in Word 2007

With the advent of Vista and Word 2007, the issues suddenly got considerably more difficult. So let's start with the easiest solution.

Upgrade to MathType 6

This solution works very easily - simply install MathType 6 after installing Word 2007. You will then find a MathType Tab on the Quick Access Toolbar when you open Word 2007. This solution is elegantly simple and logical, but it does cost you the price of an upgrade.  Of course, you can look for MathType 6 Lite - that would serve your needs again and would have no problem installing itself harmoniously with Word 2007. The address for the Free 30-day Evaluation is

In the past, once the 30-day evaluation period was over, the software reverted to a version that was still very serviceable for most of our needs. I believe that is also true of the new version.

When you have installed MathType 6 with Word 2007, you will find a MathType Tab on teh Quick Access Toolbar, and it will look like this:


Word 2007 comes with its own new Editor for math expressions.  That in large part would serve most ot the needs of the users. But if you are accustomed to MathType 5 and do not want to upgrade to MathType 6, and you do not want to use the built-in editor, you will have to deal with the fact that Word 2007 has some road blocks in place. You can of course try to get around those road blocks.  So before I go on, let me repeat that upgrading is most likely the easiest and best way to get the job done. Either upgrade or download MathType 6 "30-day Evaluation" and let it lapse into a lighter be still serviceable version.

For details on this there is probably no better place to go but the company's page that gives the instructions. The deal with issues like Vista/XP as well. That web page is  When you are done with their instructions, you will find MAthType 5 in teh Add-Ins Command Tab:

If, after reading the instructions (as I suspect) you decide that you would rather upgrade, then try the 30-day evaluation copy first and get the full upgrade later if you decide it is worth doing so. Again, to download the free copy for Windows operatins system, go to